Signs that show you have a bed bug (punaise de lit) population breeding at your home

Do you suspect that your house has been invaded by the unwanted bed bug (punaise de lit) population? Are you unsure about the bed bug infestation in your house? Do you want to know what should be done to check the presence of bed bug geneva (punaise de lit Genève)? If yes, then this article will help you learn about the possible symptoms to look for in the house.

Here are some of the possible signs that can be a sign of the bed-bug presence in the house.
-The bed-bugs release a pungent smell from their glands which can be smelled in the infested area.
-Waking up to very itchy spots on skin can be another sign of presence of bed-bugs in the bed layers. Although, the spots are harmless but they can cause a lot of irritation on skin.
-The breeding areas of bed-bugs have their traces. You might find their excrements on bedsides, walls or even on the floors. Moreover, egg shells and shed skin can also be found in the affected area.
-The pets of the house may also get affected by itchy spots as the bed bug (punaise de lit)survives on the blood of a living thing.
If you find any of these things you should check the entire bed frame and mattress cover for traces of the bed bugs. It would be a good idea to look around the bed sides and things kept near the bed. Don’t hesitate to check the books, carpets, clothing area near the bed.
If you find the signs of bed-bugs in your house it is time to take immediate action.You can do the following things to remove them from your house:
-Scrub the mattress and all the bed coverings using a brush and then vacuum everything. Once everything has been vacuumed remove the vacuum bag and dispose it outside the house.
-Clean all the clothes, bed covers, curtains, stuffed cushions and toys, shoes and rugs using hot water.
-Try to keep the place around the bed clean and keep nothing under the bed.Things kept under the bed can become a great breeding ground for the bed bug geneva (punaise de lit genève).