Availing the services of gold buyers in Melbourne to attain the truest value

Most of us usually have gold jewellery that we have worn for so long that is has started to get dirty in its tracks. It might have been passed through generations and might be of some vintage design that is neither practical nor acceptable as a wear in these days. That old jewellery might be a hunch load of crap taking up the space in your drawer, but now with our consumer friendly services, you can easily obtain quick and easy cash for old gold you possess. You can sell gold jewellery at the competitive market prices to our trusted gold buyers Melbourne authorities.

Our gold buyers provide you with the most convenient cash for gold services. Our cash for gold Melbourne authorities deal in your gold at the prices that you would be able to sell it in at the wholesale market. There are no extra dues, or charges, and there is a uniform rate per karat or gram. In addition, we are not choosy about the gold offered to us for sale, and we accept all the forms of gold you might have, including bullion, coins, nuggets, etc. Also, since our main aim is to recycle the scrap gold and turn it into something useful by smelting, we accept all colours of gold you might have, such as the white gold that many retailers disregard.
You can sell gold to other authorities and dealers but they will charge you with extra fees and dues, and hence you will not receive the rightful value that your gold is worth. Also, all the other sell gold Melbourne authorities are wary of the payment and may delay it by weeks. Our services however, include immediate X-Ray analysis, which weights your gold instantly to its truest value, so you can obtain your worthy cash right on spot.
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