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This topic has always been very controversial, it has not been given the importance and the value it has for the human being. The child should be guided at a very young age on their sexual organs, since they are an integral part of the body, as well as the ears, hands, etc. No information should be hidden about it because when an infant comes to school must learn to differentiate activities according to their gender.

You will find bathrooms for female and male, activities and games that are for one sex or another. So you should have a clear guide to the new world you are discovering, that is related to what you feel inside. In this way, you will become an adult responsible for your sexuality and respectful of others.
Currently, the flow of information from social networks should prepare young people very well, so that they do not deviate the sense of what should be normal. If they have learned the lesson well, when they have sexual experiences with their partner, they will be able to talk and experience a full sex life.
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