Researchers have discovered an effective way to treat melanoma with the virotherapy

Scientific advances have resulted in oncolytic virus therapy, which consists in using competent viruses to eliminate cancer. These viruses damage, exclusively, the cancerous tissues, leaving healthy tissues intact. The process of destruction of cancer cells is carried out through cytotoxicity, using cytotoxic resistant mechanisms, so that the oncolytic viruses cause the death of the cell and a systematic immune process begins.

Despite the fact that the cancer cells have been modified, in order not to be detected and eliminated, virotherapy manages to activate the immune system and localizes the malignant cells and tissues that have been transformed and destroy them. Thus becoming an effective melanoma treatment to eradicate this type of body cells, which are very resistant to traditional chemotherapy or radiation procedures.
oncolytic virus therapy selects tumor cells, contributes to their destruction, without offering resistance and does not affect healthy tissues. On the other hand, it helps strengthen the immune system, its tolerance level is high, it does not produce side effects and it does not make the patient sick.
In addition, it does not represent a danger in terms of mutation, because they do not bind to the DNA of the damaged cell. It can be applied directly to the tumor tissue or in nearby areas and in Stage 1 or Stage 2 of the melanoma treatment. The positive effects are seen more quickly than in conventional treatments.
This novel treatment is applied in the Virotherapy Global Cancer Clinic, located in Latvia, very close to the Baltic Sea, in a quiet region, surrounded by nature and close to the beach. In the center, patients are treated in a personalized manner from the moment they are admitted until they are completely healed. Our doctors are committed to the patient and provide support throughout the treatment.
Here the patient will have exclusive medical attention, healthy meals, in a pleasant environment and in comfortable rooms, which greatly contributes to the healing process being easier.